Tyres Driving Schools

Our Driving School ‘creates’ quality drivers for many years and during this period our school, at the market, has imposed itself as the leading driving schools in the country in terms of quality, expertise and offerings.

Training in our extinguished driving school is successfully completed by several thousand participants and the number of participants is exactly what guarantees the quality of our work over the years. In order to continue to stay on top in the profession our obligation is to provide the highest quality service. We look at your satisfaction as our success.

It has always been important for us to offer quality at an affordable price, and the maximum to meet the needs of our school trainee’s.

Our driving schools operate in multiple locations, with the goal of accessibility for all people in our wider region. Locations of driving schools are within excellent transport connections and all driving schools are located near the metro.

We trainee the candidates to become driver of A1, A2, A, B, B + E, C1, C1 + E, C, C + EIM categories of vehicles.

Traffic laws lessons are performed by highly educated professional traffic engineers with years of experience in lecturing and we also provide a classroom with equipment suitable for computer monitoring lessons in traffic laws.

For Driving classes we have provided a fleet of more than 20 new vehicles of different categories that are equipped with the latest active and passive safety, and are adjusted according to the size of just the easiest and simplest learning for the driving test.

Our Driving School with its quality lessons has singled out as the leading driving schools in the country for their innovations. From the very beginning of our work we introduced innovations such as  computer lessons for years, long before they became standard, and we offer payment services through a driving school loans in cooperation with the several banks (system of paying the lessons without the use of checks, credit cards, guarantors ..). This system, even nowadays, hasn’t been used in any other driving schools.

The level of quality and benefits that you get today in our driving school will become a standard in other driving schools for several years. At tyres driving schools we also provide great tyres newport services.

Also, we offer a program for safe driving. This program is popular among parents of young drivers, who want to assure that their young ones will test their skills, but also to recognize that any situation can get in the way. The goal of this program is to raise awareness of the driver and to avoid reckless behavior in traffic.

Come to our driving school where you’ll get quality Newport driving lessons and where you’ll be treated with respect!